Personal Comments and My Game Summaries

WOW!! The CNNSI network called Mike Mussina's performance 'mesmorizing' as he shut down Roger Clemens and the Skankees in the first game of a double header. He went seven innings with five hits, NO runs, one walk and ten strikeouts (nine looking, including Darryl "clean and sober" Strawberry three times)! He even retired thirteen straight at one point. He is 5-0 in his last seven starts since August 6th. "Eighteen wins is not bad," Mussina said. "I'll take 18. If I can get 18 every year, I can live with that." He has lowered his ERA to 3.50 and his record is 18-7. It was hard to find much about Mussina in the articles this morning. Most wanted to talk about the Yankees clinch of the AL East. Big whoop, the Yankees win the division again, the sun comes up yet again today; this is hardly news!!
P.S. Just some facts for you.... 1. Baltimore leads the AL in shutouts with eleven. 2. Clemens is 3-5 lifetime at Camden Yards, the only ballpark in the American League in which he has a losing record.

He beat Boston on September 24 in six innings with four hits, one walk, no runs and eight whopping Ks. All in 88 pitches. Looking good.... The Orioles themselves aren't doing too badly lately. Apparently all they needed was a five month warm up. Mike is now 17- 7 with a 3.62 ERA. Could this be his third 19 win season? Is he cursed? Or is 20 just a mystical number with out any real meaning, just a goal set by the media? Is he aware that he can't let fungus grow on his shower shoes? If he wins 20 in the show he can let the fungus grow back on his shoes and the press will think he's colorful; but until he wins 20 in the show, he's a slob?? Let me know what you think!!!

That win against Oakland was his 200th career discision! He is 134- 66.

Mike is back! He beat Oakland last night in his first game since coming of DL when he was hit in the arm by a line drive. He gave up four hits, three runs, one walk and six Ks in five innings. He threw 88 pitches. "As soon as I left after five, I was done. It was mutually decided," said Mussina. "My shoulder feels fine, but tomorrow and the next day will be the real barometer." He is now 16-7 with a 3.65 ERA. It is so great to have him back. I was wondering if I would have to start a new homepage on my latest crush, Nomar Garciaparra. Also, I am about to be clobbered by Floyd so please pray for me! (Sept. 15)

Ack!! Mussina was hit by a ball last night off the bat of Brook Fordyce of the White Sox. Mussina's injury was diagnosed as a contusion of the deltoid muscle. X-rays were negative, and he will undergo an MRI on Monday to determine whether the injury is something other than a mere bruise. "It hit me pretty good. We decided it was best if we don't try to push the issue and that I should come out of the game," Mussina said. "I've got a pretty good bruise. It's just not in a great spot." Mussina was placed on the disabled list last season after being struck in the face by a liner, but this injury is not nearly as serious. Yet it cost him an easy chance at his 16th victory as he strives to win 20 in a season for the first time. "I assume I'll never win 20, just because," he said. "I win 16 the first week of August [1994] and we go on strike. I've been a lot closer than this and not gotten it." Aww, poor guy. I am just as pessimistic. He left this game after two and a third innings to get a ND after giving up two hits and two strikeouts. I am not surprised about this seeing how our season has been, but hopefully Mike will be ok. (8/23)
Mussina beat Minnesota on August 17 to go 14-2 against them lifetime. He went six innings giving up nine hits (yikes), three earned runs, two walks and six Ks (bringing his total to 142) in the game where Orosco beat the record for most apperances. His ERA is 3.82 and he is 15-7. (8/18)

Mussina's latest was a win in Tampa Bay. He went seven and two thrids innings with nine hits and two earned runs, one walk and seven striekouts. This makes him 14-7 with a 3.62 ERA. Will Mike win twenty? Will the Orioles finish above last place? Will ALbert Bell break .280? Stay tuned as our miserable season lurches into September!! (8/16)

Mike lost for the second straight game to the Mariners (how sad). He went eight innings giving up three hits, three runs (two earned), two walks and eight Ks. The Orioles had eight hits and left twenty- two men on base while scoring only one run. He is 13-6 with a 3.62 ERA. (8/2)

Mussina got slammed by the Rangers, giving up seven runs (six earned) in 4 2/3 innings. Also eleven hits, two walks, four Ks and a home run. His ERA went up to 3.69 while he dropped to 13- 5. I didn't see the game so I have no idea what the Hell went wrong... (7/29).

He got the RED SOX in eight great innings on July 21. Four hits, one run, two walks and three strikeouts. No homeruns either! I've been looking at his team by team stats and I noticed that his lowest ERAs are against Boston, New York, and the Braves (and Montreal, but so what?) Isn't he amazing? He pitches the best when the pressure is on. Too bad we have to have middle relief blow his games for him... He is now 13-4 with a 3.44 ERA. (7/27)

Mike beat the Expos (thank God) in seven innings on July 16 (don't get me started on JFK Jr.) He surrendered fours hits and only one run with one wolk but had a whopping ten strikeouts. He is now 12-4 in his 20 starts this season. And has a total of 107 strikeouts. HIs ERA is 3.57. (July 21)

Mussina was amazing in the All Star game. He pitched the fifth inning and had a little trouble at first, mostly because of slow Robby Alomar behind him. But then Mike struck out Sosa and then McGwire on three straight fastballs. Wow. And there was a quote of his on TV the night before where he said (something to the effect of), "This is a baseball game and we're here to win. If we just wanted to have a good time we would get fifty guys together and have dinner." He's so cute when he's competitive. (7/16)

Mike has won once again over the Phillies. He went seven innings with six hits, four runs, two walks and TWELVE strikeouts. This brings his season strikeouts to 97, so he's on his usual pace for about 200. He was even 1-4 at the plate and he has a batting average of .273. Awesome! Looking forward to Mike pitching in the All- Star game this Wednesday!! (July 12)

Mike beat the Yankess (on my birthday, July fifth) in 5.1 innings with six hits, one run, two walks, and one strikeout. I'm sorry that I haven't been keeping you informed. My schedule is so hectic (school, work, vacation) and it is just so difficult to be motivated while watching Peter Angelos's large ego drive this team straight into the ground (trying to compensate for small penis perhaps?) I had a good laugh when I went to D.C. last week to see this headline in The Post, "Orioles make minor bullpen adjustments". Because that's excatly what they need. A few tweeks and we'll be up and running. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? We have over twenty blown saves and are on a pace to break the major league record! Minor adjustments aren't going to do it. I say leave each starting pitcher in for nine innings. How much worse could we get? Is there a room below the celler? (7/9)

Okay, it's not like you'd have to come here to get all the details of last nights amazing 22-1 ass kicking of the Braves but just let me indulge myself. The 22 runs were the most ever scored by the Orioles since they moved to Baltimore from St. Louis. It was the worst loss for Atlanta since they moved there. Cal was six for six, a first for him, with two homeruns. They knocked out Smoltz in the third, his shortest outing in a year. Every single Orioles batter got a hit (even Rocky Coppinger!) including MIKE MUSSINA who had two (count 'em, two) hits, one was a double, and three RBIs. And of course he dominated at the plate with seven great innings, five hits and one run. Plus four strikeouts to bring his total this year to 59. He is 8-3 with a 3.80 ERA. Whew! I need to catch my breath!! (6/14)

Mussina was handed a no decision in Flordia against the Marlins. I didn't watch the game so I don't understand why he went only five innings (throwing only 71 pitches). He didn't give up any runs and had five strikeouts. Hmmmm.... I noticed I haven't been getting much mail from you guys lately so I'm wondering if the O's poor perfomance is causing wide spread apathy. We were almost swept by the Marlins for Christssake! Oh! I was just informed that a rain delay is too blame for knocking out Mikey. Tough luck. (6/10)

Mike's last game was a loss in Oakland. He went eight innings, giving up six hits and only two runs with one walk and three Ks on May 28. He also had no run support. He is now 7-2 with 4.21 ERA. (5/31)

Mussina wins again in a whopper of a game on May 23 versus the Rangers. He went seven innings with nine hits, two runs, two walks and two strikeouts to lower his ERA to 4.45. He didn't give up any homeruns either. Coppinger pitched the last two innings, giving up four runs. When did Rocky become a closer? Anyway, this was a great game: the Os got ten runs in the first inning and Anderson was hit by pitch twice in that inning, an AL record, ironically enough. God I love this team. Mussina is now 7-1. He is still second place for number of wins, but this time he doesn't share it with anyone! He's tied for first in number of games started, third for innings pitched, and tied for twelfth in strikeouts (all in AL.) (5/24)

Ahhh, the A.P. article for May 18's games starts, "In a season in which very little has gone as expected, the Baltimore Orioles can still count on a skillful performance from Mike Mussina." Couldn't have said it better myself. He went eight innings against the Angels with three runs and seven hits, struck out five and walked two. He has pitched in half of the Orioles' fourteen wins this season. He is 11-3 lifetime against the Angels. "Moose pitched a great game," Mike Timlin said. "It was mastery, just awesome to watch." It was such a relief to see that Timlin didn't blow it this time. "Mussina has a nice fastball and a good changeup, but that curveball, that's why he's great. That's why he's special," Angels manager Terry Collins said. Mussina is now 6-1 with a 4.68 ERA. He is tied for second in the number of wins. (Martinez has eight.) (5/20)

In the March 31- April 6 issue of Baseball Weekly Mussina was picked to finish second in the '99 AL Cy Young voting, behind Clemens and tied with Martinez. Also, Albert Belle was picked to win the AL MVP.

There was a huge article in Baseball Weekly about the best pitchers in the 90's and of course our boy was listed. I'll get that list to you as soon as I can.
Mike's last game was May 12 at Cleveland. He got a no descision, going 7.2 innings, with eight hits, five earned runs, two walks and five strikeouts. When he left the game the Os were winning but $16 million man Mike Timlin blew the lead. When I get the free time I'm going to compile a list of all the games that the Orioles have lost for Mike. I know that it happened five times last season. Don't we all miss Randy Meyers? (5/14)

Mike dominates again! He shut out the Twins for seven innings, giving up six hits and one walk while striking out three. He is 4-1 with an ERA of 4.75 and the O's win their first series of the year. I don't know how he does it either. I checked today's lineup and one oriole is hitting over .300, three orioles are hitting over .200, leaving five of the starting orioles hitting less than .200. I think he could be a serious contender for Cy Young if he had any run support, since Clemens is injured. Anyway, Mussina allowed only two runner past first base. He is 13-2 against the Twins lifetime. And currently 4-0 with a 2.77 ERA at the Yard. (5/1)

Mike and the Os (finally) won a game. He alowed four runs and nine hits in seven innings. He issued three walks and struck out four against the Royals. Baltimore has won five games and Mussina has pitched for four of those games. How soon can we starting cloning humans? (4/28).

Well, Mike got his ass kicked on Wednesday, giving up ten earned runs and eleven hits in 3 and 2/3 innings. (Sixty of his ninety pitches were still strikes.) His ERA has skyrocketed to 6.14. The Orioles have the worst record in baseball. I'm off to go cry. (4/23)

Last night was the craziest game ever but we won!! We crushed the Rocket, who only went three innings. Mussina (who is just 3-8 at Yankee Stadium), fell victim to a defense that made three errors, causing six of seven runs off him to be unearned. He gave up 10 hits in 6 1/3 innings with two walks, four strikeouts and one homerun. Since those were almost all unearned runs, he lowered his ERA to 2.45! 73 of his 109 pitches were strikes. He was on the ball! "Every time we play these guys, something crazy happens," Mussina said. "Tonight we kicked the ball all over the place, another 4-hour game. Nothing's ever normal in New York, I guess." I'm so proud of my boys I could almost burst. (4/16)

Mussina was listed 11th out of 100 strarting pitchers for Sports Illustrated Player Value Ranking. I dunno what that means; perhaps it's a fantasy thing.

Mussina has won again. He beat Toronto on April 10. He allowed four hits and struck out seven, while walking three in seven innings. He has an ERA of 3.00 and a record of 2-0. He retired the first eight batters and 63 of his 99 pitches were strikes. The main point of this games however, was the nasty feeling that the O's are going downhill fast. "When the club gets into a situation like the one we were in -- we weren't even in the last three games -- I guess everybody's looking for someone to step up and give the team a boost," Mussina said. "Today my job was to bust up a losing streak. It was a big one for the starters, a big one for the club. A big one, period," Mussina said. "Maybe this can lead to something." Skipper Miller said,"Mussina was on a mission. You could tell by how he walked into the clubhouse this morning. He's always intense, but on certain days he's a little more sullen, a little more focused." Can you imagine how long this season will be if the Oriole's only win when Mussina pitches? Baltimore is 2-4!

Mussina won the O's first game! It wasn't pretty but he got the job done. He went five innings giving up eight hits, four earned runs, two walks and only dished out four Ks. 52 of his 88 pitches were strikes. He now has an ERA of 7.20!! Oh well, the O's won and that's the most important things of all. (which didn't happen for Clemens and the all mighty Yanks...) Mike is now 3-1 in opening day starts.

These are the 1997- 1998 American League rankings, complied by the Elias Sports Bureau. They compare players and give us the true answers to questions such as, "who is the greatest?" I don't know how scientific it is, but all Mussina fans will get a treat.

1998 season

Well, he lost the last game of the season on September 27, going only five innings with three earned runs, two walks and four strikeouts. His 1998 totals are as follows:
3.49 ERA
13 Wins
10 Losses
29 Games
206.1 Innings Pitched
189 Hits Given
85 Runs Given
80 Earned Runs
41 Base on Balls
175 Strikeouts
4 Complete Games
2 Shutouts
22 Homeruns Given
4.27 K/BB Ratio
1.79 BB/9 Innings
7.63 K/9 Innings
10 Wild Pitches
0 Balks

Can we just say that he is the man? This was an "off season" for goodness sakes. He was on the DL twice, once for a wart on his finger and once for that horrible line- drive- to- the- forehead incident. And he still had 175 Ks. Also, check back on that K/9 ratio. Any man who can do that in over 200 innings deserves my love!

There's more! This site has been nominated for the Internet Sports Award All Pro Site for the sport of Basball! I knew my smart mouth would take me places!! There is some type of Internet Baseball Awards that I was just unaware of. You must go here to vote for me. And, yes, I will thank you all in my acceptance speech.

And my own personal notes: For my twenty- first birthday a boy, who has figured out the key to my heart, surprised me with tickets to see the Orioles play in Yankee Stadium on July 5. Man, oh man. I don't know if you have ever been there but it is a huge place. I'm used to the cute little Camden Yards or the endearing Memorial Sadium and this like a football arena! I kept thinking of that movie, "Pride of the Yankees." And of course it was "cap day" so I had to sit with 50,000 people who were all wearing brand new Yankee hats. It was like a nightmare: the O's lost 1-0 and every girl under the age of fourteen was sporting a Jeter tee shirt. Thank God I could drink! Seriously, folks, if you ever get the chance, go experience another ball park and be the obnoxious Oriole fan I know you can be.

Also, I did an interview with Milton Kent of the Baltimore Sun over this very page. He thought I had "a wicked sense of humor." The man knows his stuff. Check it out.

Also, I ask everyone who wants me to put ads on this page to cut it out! The answer is no! This is public university property and I could get in a lot of trouble if I tried to profit from it. Plus, I would like people to be able to visit one place on the net and not be bombarded by stupid advertisments. This is a ad- free site so don't bother asking me.
Mike rocked the Angels on September 12! He went eight innings, and gave up eight hits and two runs (both unearned.) He also had two strikeouts, bringing his season total to 158. He now has a 3.30 ERA and a record of 13-8. Before that he had a win against Seattle going eight innings while giving up two hits and two runs with another double digit K game having 10 strikeouts!

The rumors are running wild over here! I'm getting tons of emails that Mussina has left the Orioles to go home and support his new wife since she's given birth to thier first child! Congrats Mikey! Of course I haven't been able to confirm it yet; school has started for me and I am just ultra- busy. No one seems interested in cutting any senior chemistry majors any breaks so that they can go run awesome web pages around here. But I'll have more as soon as I know.

I guess all that play-off excitment has worn off for the O's. Mussina lost for the second consecutive time on August 29. He pitched on only three days rest and got absolutely no run support. He gave up two runs, six hits, two walks and one strikeout over six innings. It was the first time this season that he has given up more walks than strikeouts. He is now 12-8 with a 3.51 ERA. Maybe now that we are completely out of the wild card race the pressure will be off and my boys can relax and play ball. Stay with me, folks and maybe Mussina can come up with some stellar late fall performances again.

Mike bit the big one last night, losing to the White Sox in six and two thirds innings giving up ten hits and five earned runs. He had one walk, five strikeouts and 67 of his 108 pitches were strikes, which pushed his record to 12-7 with an ERA of 3.53. Some players just have your number and Frank Thomas has got it for Mussina. He hit a home run last night which was his seventh career homer from Mussina who said, "I got Frank three times in a row which is pretty good for me." Did you know Mussina lost his mjor league debut 1-0 to the White Sox after a Thomas home run? Better luck next time, Mikey...

Mussina wins again boys and girls! He struckout ten Devil Rays in seven innings on August 19 to keep the O's on that winning tear. He allowed two runs, nine hits and one walk over 120 pitches. It wasn't his best but it was good enough. He is now 12-6 with a 3.39 ERA. Moose whipped the Indians on the 13 of August, giving up two runs and seven hits in eight innings. He walked none and struck out five while 72 of his 104 pitches were strikes. Of course, he wasn't the top story last night; it was Mr. Grand Slam himself, Chris Hoiles. (And I thought one slamer was so impressive from this kid). And there is that 29 game hitting streak from Mr. Cancer?-what-cancer?, Eric Davis. I am thrilled that my team is kicking ass but I thought that Mussina's 11-6 record and 3.43 ERA were also worth mentioning.

OHMIGOD! Mussina came four outs away from a perfect game last night. Not a shut out, not a no hitter but a perfrect game. He was fantastic! He didn't even go to a three ball count on a single batter. The Tigers were complaining about a "liberal strike zone" but they know where they can bite me. Hirschbeck has always been like this and I didn't notice that his zone dramatically changed every half inning. He also doesn't take any shit, and ejected about three Tigers in the process. I could imagine their difficulties with Mussina must be getting to the breaking point. He has the best record and ERA against the Tigers than any other team in baseball. About coming so close: "Everybody thinks that doing something like this is disappointing. I don't know why everyone feels that way," Mussina said. "No-hitters and perfect games are unique situations. To be disappointed about it is the wrong way to look at it. I was excited that I was able to pitch that well, to perform that well and help our team win a game. The guys played great behind me." He gave up two hits and had eight K's over his complete game. Also, never in the history of baseball have there been two perfect games pitched in one season. As far as I'm concerned that eigth innning hit was all David Wells's fault. (Give me 30 seconds and I can blame anything on the Yankees.) He's now 10-5 with a 3.34 ERA. And 4-0 since the All- Star Break.

Mikey beat the Seattle Mariners going seven and one third innings with seven hits, four runs seven strikeouts and no walks.Mike had a no decision (how many of those has he been stuck with this year??) versus the California Angels. He pitched six and two thirds innings, giving up a whopping seven hits and four runs but only two of them were earned. No walks and five strikeouts went along with that. I do have to say that watching my boys since the All Star Break is just making my heart sing. GO O'S!!! Mussina beat Toronto on July 14 in a seven hitter, striking out six, walking one, and giving up five runs for his third complete game of the season. This was the game that Chris Hoiles (of all people) hit a grand slam.

During the sixth inning of the Indians game, Mike was crushed in the head by a line drive off sandy Alomar's bat. He bled profusely on the field but only ended up with a cut over his right eye, swelling, and a broken nose. There has been not much of an update on his condition except that he will be reevaluated Friday. Personally, as anyone who frequents this page knows, I am devistated. I fell into a state of shock and disbelief when I heard but there was no mistaking the footage of the game. He went down in a heartbeat. "It could have taken my eye socket, hit me in the mouth or in the temple," he said. He now has about 20 stitches above and around his eye. Not only am I deeply concerned for Mike's well being but he is the heart of the Orioles and I am sure that they will fall apart now that they have again lost their star pitcher. And it look's like I nailed that one on the head. This homepage refuses to discuss the Yankees fight. Let's all pray for a speedy recovery and a quick return to the lineup. We love you Mike! (And a note to all you diehard fans: I'm sure you remember that it was Alomar who ended Mussina's no-hitter in the ninth inning a while back...)

Mussina is 7-5 with a 3.67 ERA. A no decision in Boston, but he pitched well in seven innings, with five hits, two runs, three walks and five strikeouts. Again it was a no decision on July 3 in New York after the effort of seven and one third innings. He gave up seven hits, two runs, one walk and nine K's. Not bad against the best team in baseball. Mussina lost in Montreal in seven innings, allowing three runs and walks, and nine hits and four strikeouts on June 27. He toasted the Mets going the distance with tweo hits and two runs, and seven K's on June 22. He lost to the Yankees on June 17 going six innings, giving up eight hits, five runs, three walks and two strikeouts. Mussina beat the Bluejays on June 12, allowing two runs, seven hits, one walk and two strikeouts in 5 2/3 innings. "I'm still searching for it," he said. "You can't take this much time off and remain as sharp as you want to be." Mussina got shelled for eight runs, eight hits and one walk over four and two thirds innings in his first outing since he returned from DL. However, he did strike out ten. I thought he looked pretty decent. The first five out were strikeouts and he didn't seem to be flinching at any balls coming his way. He said, "It felt like it was the first time I was out there in a while. It's like spring training all over again. I had some shaky spots and I wish I could have thrown better. I made good pitches but they just hit them. I threw strikes , but I still could have thrown better. I'm not pleased with it, but I'll take it." Another bonus was that I didn't notice any horrific scars on his cute little face. It was a no decision for that game he was injured in versus Cleveland. On May ninth, he had a complete game and a shut out over the Devil Rays. He struckout ten and walked none. Before that he had Minnesota in a shut out over seven and two thirds innings giving up two hits and four walks while striking out four. Also, 56 of his 93 pitches were strikes. Not too shabby for a comeback! Before that he lost to Chicago, giving up eight hits, five runs, one walk, five strikeouts and (ouch) three homeruns over five innings. But he hurt himself so please forgive him. Before that he beat Detroit allowing two hits and no runs over eight innings while he struck out nine and walked two. Game two, he beat Detroit again, allowing two runs and eight hits, struck out five, and walked no one over seven innings. He lost the season opener to Kansas City, going eight innings, giving up six hits, three runs, no walks, and eleven strikeouts.